DANIELAthe novel

DANIELAthe novel

Georgia Melaris

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The tale was lovingly conceived and evolved over eighteen years, a result of soaking up wonderful toe curling experiences and real life dramas and watching Daniela the novel, becoming a 5 star revue offering.

Each and every event throughout this seductive and thrilling novel has happened to someone, somewhere. Their names and locations have obviously been changed. Georgia was always busy raising her family and running her business. Now that her two sons are adults, she has dedicated her time to her passion of writing, completing her first book, this erotic novel which is now published and has made her dream come true. 

Georgia is now settled in London with her sons and having sold the wonderful Cavalier Pub with her brother Spyros, she has successfully qualified as a medic and is now working with the London Ambulance Service on the frontline responding to 999 emergency calls.

She is currently working on her second book the sequel to 'Daniela' the novel.


Georgia Melaris is no stranger to the twists and turns that make up life's rich tapestry. She was the landlady of a vibrant North London Pub and formerly the owner of a beauty business in Cyprus. As you can imagine, Georgia has heard stories which you couldn't make up or believe!

She has taken these true life events and stories and created the main character for her first thrilling and seductive novel, 'Daniela'.